Alpine shelters on moutn Etna

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On Mount Etna there are two large Alpine shelters:

  • the G. Sapienza Shelter, 1910m s.l.m. southern side;
  • and the S.Citelli shelter, 1741m s.l.m. eastern side.

Both shelters are to be found on roads accessible to cars and motorbikes and are easily reached.

From these base points it is possible to organize different itineraries for excursions of various levels of difficulty and with different characteristics.


Key features of the Excursion

PSYCHO-PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: not suitable for people with health problems in particular with problems to the cardio-respiratory.

We recommend that all our members wear trekking shoes, with the correct socks, and bring a wind-jacket because the temperature can be 10-15°C colder than in the towns. Please also bring 2 litres of water.

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Important Notes and / or conditions of delivery

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Etna Hiking, guided nature excursions on Etna

Hiking on Mount Etna, Trekking in Sicily

"Etna Hiking" is an environmental and sporting association, a focal point for whoever wants to discover the extraordinary natural beauty of Mount Etna and Sicily. The association "Etna Hiking Environmental and Sporting Association" carries out its activities mainly in the Etneo territory. Our mission is to promote the area, in synergy with other local, as full of extraordinary historic, scenic and natural. Through our contacts you can organize in a short time, 365 days a year, excursions on etna with the assistance of guides e AIGAE (Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche) ready to give you all the assistance necessary to fully enjoy your time honeycombs free and the amazing beauty deals from our volcano. Together we can find the best solution for enjoying your holidays and your free time.

Etna Hiking

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