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 Technical EQUIPMENT

A selection of EQUIPMENT will be supplied according to the activity taken.

During our excursions we will provide all participants with a selection of professional EQUIPMENT according to activity taken: Binoculars; Trekking poles; Helmets and pot-hole torc...

 Is any special EQUIPMENT required?

...000 m above sea level) might be 10°/15° less than in Catania. In case of snow an appropriate EQUIPMENT is needed. In the summer there is no need for specific equipment and training shoes are also s...

 The 1974 eruption

The excursion begins in the shadow of the forest of larch trees, pines and age-old oaks, accompanied by the magical smell of gorse from Etna.

...h trees, pines and age-old oaks, accompanied by the magical smell of gorse from Etna. RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: We recommend that all our members wear trekking shoes, with the correct socks, and bring a wind-j...

Etna Hiking, guided nature excursions on Etna

Hiking on Mount Etna, Trekking in Sicily

"Etna Hiking" is an environmental and sporting association, a focal point for whoever wants to discover the extraordinary natural beauty of Mount Etna and Sicily. The association "Etna Hiking Environmental and Sporting Association" carries out its activities mainly in the Etneo territory. Our mission is to promote the area, in synergy with other local, as full of extraordinary historic, scenic and natural. Through our contacts you can organize in a short time, 365 days a year, excursions on etna with the assistance of guides e AIGAE (Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche) ready to give you all the assistance necessary to fully enjoy your time honeycombs free and the amazing beauty deals from our volcano. Together we can find the best solution for enjoying your holidays and your free time.

Etna Hiking

P: (+39) 347 9165331
P: (+39) 338 7756002
E: info@etnahiking.it
W: https://www.etnahiking.it/
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